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Dr Géraldine Blanchard

Dr Geraldine Blanchard

Geraldine Blanchard is a french doctor in veterinary medicine, PhD, graduated from the European College of Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition. She’s also the founder of the website cuisine-a-crocs.com, providing a nutrition online service since 2008.

Dr Cindy Tan

Dr Cindy Tan

Cindy Tan is a holistic veterinarian in Brisbane, Queensland Australia. She not only practices approach with conventional western medicine but also traditional Chinese medicine.
Acupuncture, herbal therapy and also food therapy.

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What’s a home prepared diet?

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A very complex science

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No water no food no life. Nutrition is one of the fundamental biological functions, an essential part of life. It is a daily action. First, nutrition science begins with food supply, and ends with all metabolic function of the body.. It is the most complex yet the easiest science to understand.


The amount of food ingested (all foods) brings into the body an amount of energy (calories). This determines the body weight.
So the energy requirement is the amount of calories necessary to just maintain the body weight for optimal body composition. This means the calories ingested equal the energy spent by the body. (To maintain temperature, breath, digestion process… at average room temperature of 15-20C)
It is therefore possible to estimate the energy requirement based on a steady body weight with a standard body composition, so called optimal body composition, of about 20%fat for 80%fat free mass.
In other words, energy requirement varies individually, based on the optimal body weight.

But not only… as many factors may influence energy expense. So energy supply has to be adapted to the individual specificities of your companion animal. Its optimal weight, breed, life cycles stage, neutering, activity, lifestyle, climate…
In conclusion, let’s summarize this way: Energy makes body weight.


However, energy is not enough. Energy sources are of 3 sorts: protein, fat (lipids), carbohydrates (starch, sugar).

They all need digestion and also absorption to provide energy to the body.

Dogs and cats digest, as carnivores, can digest very well protein and fat. They can in general also digest carbohydrates.

Young milking pups digest well lactose, the milk sugar. However, adults may totally or partially lose this ability.

Adult cats and dogs may live without carbohydrates in their diet. But it is a cheap energy source. So starch must be included in kibble to be manufactured (in order to provide the texture of the dry food).

In wet food (cans) or homemade diet, it is possible, but not compulsory, to include starch as a source of energy.

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To maintain HEALTH, about 40 nutrients, all to be found in food, are essential every day. Some in various amounts, while others are optional.

The body is hopefully tolerant to the amount of each nutrient consumed…

There is a quite large optimal zone, with limits. Indeed, minimal amounts for all essential nutrients (by definition), timeline (some deficiencies are better and longer tolerated than others). But also maximal amount, sometimes, especially for micronutrients.

That allows a degree of freedom in the formulation of diets, as well as the addition of treats in some extend…

Geraldine Blanchard and Cindy Tan are dedicated in helping you to control and balance the overall daily intake of your pet. It’s their specialty.

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Our mission

Whatever way you have chosen to feed your pet, wherever you live in the world, Cindy Tan and Geraldine Blanchard are dedicated to bring you the most advanced knowledge, to feed your dog and cat the right amount of food (including treats !) keeping the right balance… with no pressure from any company. They deserve it.