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Home made recipes for pets

A dog and a cat must be fed to cover their nutrition requirements, which depends on multiple individual factors :
their optimal body weight and condition, but also the age (growing or adult at maintenance or reproduction or senior), being neutered or not, their activity…
A few Typical Home Made Diet recipes for pets are proposed here for common situations.

DR BLANCHARD’S recipes for healthy dogs and cats

Tailored recipes for each weight and condition will be available in a few months time. In between, we are happy to offer examples of recipes for healthy dogs and cats.

These recipes are balanced for the category of dog/cat indicated for, and for the optimal body weight but the amount must be adapted to maintain a proper body condition.

The amount required may vary depending on individual factors such as breed, activity, lifestyle and climate. SELECT the closest to your PET’S condition and adjust the amount in purpose, or ask your vet about the right amount and adaptation.

If your pet is not in the listed category, then choose the closest one above.
Prepare the same proportions, but give less (proportionally), and check the body weight every week. If the weight increase, give less. On the other hand, if the body weight decreases, then give more, until you reach the best amount to maintain the optimal weight and condition

Last, if your pet is not healthy, prior to giving these recipes, please contact your vet or for special recipes.

home made recipes for pets

Pick the right recipe for your pet

Recipes for a cat

recipes for petsFind the recipe suited to your cat’s needs

Recipes for a dog

recipes for petsFind the recipe suited to your dog’s needs